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Who is behind this product?

Unalengua is a small team who believes in the power of natural languages for connecting people.

What is the motivation for creating yer another phonetic transcription app?

Yes, there are other similar apps in terms of functionality but we haven’t found one with a great UX, that has plenty of languages available and it is free; therefore we created this one.

What is the price?

IPA translator is free now and we plan to keep it that way for a while. Yes we are in business and we need to pay the bills but don’t worry we will use other products and services in order to keep the business running.

Why is IPA Translator free?

We believe that a simple tool like this one plays a fundamental role when it comes to learning natural lenguages. At Unalengua we are trying to do our best so more people around the world learn more languages, this is just a small contribution towards that goal. Enjoy!.

Who is IPA Translator designed for?

Mainly for phonetic students and for avid language learners who are employing every single trick under their hat in order to advance their learning. This tool is also suitable for web developers of language apps whom don’t want to reinvent the wheel and need to provide their users with a link to where they can see the IPA equivalent of any particular text.

What makes this app special?

The emphasis in great UX and use of the latest web technologies which makes the experience of working with IPA more enjoyable.