About Us

Discover what make us tick

What is Unalengua?

We are a company with a very ambicious goal of changing the way we learn new languages. Our mission is to empower avid language learners to leverage web and mobile technology in order to improve their efforts while learning languages and/or try to connect with people globally.

IPA translator stems from these ideals, providing you with a multilingual (supports 8 languages) ipa conversion tool which UX it is heavily inspired by Google Translate.

How is Unalengua different from other companies?

We want to reach and provide value to the largest audience possible. That’s why all of our products will be free (free tier available) forever.

What’s Unalengua origin?

One of our founders is passionate about learning languages and he dreams with a world where people can learn any language they like, without traveling, in weeks no months, for free using only a computer and internet connection.